Full List of Publications

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  • J. Ye, D. Hockemeyer, A.N. Krutchinsky, D. Loayza, S.M. Hooper, B.T. Chait, and T. de Lange (2004) POT1 Interacting Protein PIP1: a telomere length regulator that recruits POT1 to the TIN2/TRF1 complex. Genes and Development 18:1649. [TPP1 recruits POT1 and bridges it with Tin2 (note: TPP1 is named PIP1, PTOP and Tint1 in certain publications)].
  • D. Loayza, H. Parsons, J. Donigian, K. Hoke and T. de Lange (2003) DNA binding features of human POT1. J.Biol.Chem. (2004) 279:13241. [minimal binding site for POT1 binding to single stranded DNA + some DNA binding features].
  • D. Loayza and T. de Lange (2003) POT1 as a terminal transducer of TRF1 telomere length control. Nature 423:1013. [deletion of the DNA binding domain of POT1 does not affect recruitment to telomeres but leads to extensive telomere elongation].

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